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Each Legacy Builder Chapter is comprised of 5-25 Kingdom Committed members. Each individual member brings  unique value, experience, and resources to your group—like investment opportunities, capital, investment experience, real estate, legal, or tax expertise. The group then looks for the best ways to deploy  these resources for the largest Kingdom and Capital return.  Through intentional community, this group will grow both spiritually and professionally, all while supporting the vision of your church!

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Learn exclusive content from the Legacy Builders Network, like: 

  • Legacy Builder Chapter Fast Track System™️
  • Kingdom compounding investment grid™️
  • Vision proximity acceleration cycle ™️
  • Business leader discipleship sequence™️


Get equipped with ongoing resources to effectively disciple your Chapter members. Never worry about what you're going to share or study. 

You can also contribute to the Legacy Builders Network with your experience and participation. Each Chapter adds value to the entire network. 



A new revenue stream to support your church vision

Resources for pastors, Legacy Builder Chapters and Legacy Builder Members.

Easiest way to gather key leaders at your church to discuss vision, impact, and their contribution.

Access to Legacy Builder Live Events and Trainings.

Professional and financial growth potential for members.

New relationships and connections Network wide!

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If you haven’t recouped your initial investment and have not grown with a greater relational connection with LB members, we’ll continue to work 1-1 with you and your chapter until you do!

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